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There is a time when everything just falls into place smoothly. A holiday, when everything comes together nicely. Some call that memory the "Estrela experience." In many ways, our devoted patrons consider Estrela Do Mar beach resort the quintessential Goa vacationland. Like homing seagulls, they find their way back to us. Time and time again. To nest happily in the comfort of our gracious hospitality.

Many of our guests say that it's our incomparable location that does the trick. Others claim it's our famed cuisine that brings them back in droves. And yet others put it down to that distinct Estrela Do Mar touch. Ever since we made Calangute our hospitality home in 1979, our charming beachside locale has been offering visitors the best of both worlds. Actually, many, many worlds! The retreat is a tranquil haven for seekers of serenity. Here, they lose themselves in the delicate murmur of the whispering waves. It's a kingdom of adventure for water sports enthusiasts. There's a splash of excitement in every passing moment! Shopping buffs can be forgiven for thinking they have entered Aladdin's cave, their hearts all aquiver as they make enchanting discoveries in the bazaars nearby. Our restaurants are little continents of pleasure for foodies. They find our generous menu entirely to their liking. This entertainment paradise makes Nightbirds feel right at home too. When they are not swaying to live music at our beach bistro, they flit from nightclub to discotheque in the neighborhood. Finally, the resort is a wonderland for Children. The exciting prospect of fun and games in the soft sand followed by a paddle in the pool is just too much to resist!

And now, it's your turn to experience it all. You too will have new worlds to discover at Estrela Do Mar, Goa. The beach resort they call the Jewel in Calangute's crown.