Wrong Tourism Beliefs That Are Holding You Back from Traveling To Goa

The state of Goa is popularly referred to as the party hub of India. Tourists love travelling to Goa because of its happening nightlife. A lot of party animals are lured to the state mainly because they feel the clubs in Goa permit them to party, drink and groove all night long. 

Goa is characterised by its never-ending gleaming nightlife. Laymen associate Goa with incredible and thrilling nightlife that includes nightclubs, bars and beach shacks all of which feature unstoppable music, pretty drinks and trippy neon lights.However, this is certainly not what Goa is all about. 

Goa is beyond the glamorous party life that is the most highlighted aspect of the land. Goa is a traveller’s paradise that’s marked by an incomparable aura of tranquil bliss. A considerable part of the state remains unexplored by regular tourists. 

Many a time, any individual who’s not a party freak, might have second thoughts about visiting the land as they can’t help but feel it’s not for them. However, this is no fact as the state offers a plethora of activities to indulge in while one is visiting.

Goa is full of adventure water sports that give you an unmatched thrill. Jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, you name it! Goa also offers diverse local markets full of quirky stuff to shop. The Goan state is also very renowned because of its unique and rich cuisine. Additionally, there are a lot of Goa hotels and resorts that are the ideal abode for a peaceful getaway.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like noisy and crowded beaches, Goa has something for you too. The state boasts numerous beaches that are very quiet and don’t have huge crowds coming in. These beaches are simply breathtaking and are engulfed by an air of serenity and calm. One can always visit the quieter beaches when he seeks to soothe the soul.

Staying at Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort, is a blissful experience with the perfect amalgamation of all aspects of Goa. As the resort is located in the heart of the state, the guests have easy access to all the charms of the state. The guests enjoy the liberty of exploring the paradise in ways to their own liking. Book your stays with us now, to vacay like never before.

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