Must try water sports in north goa for a fun-filled vacation

The land of sun, sea and surf, Goa is just like a blue-eyed boy, loved by everyone. The bright shining sun, serene beaches, brohemian culture, authentic seafood and of course numerous party places, are enough to grab any visitor’s attention. Yet, it gives one more magnetic reason to pack your bags right now. The thrilling water sports! Yes, you heard it right. Apart from being the party capital, Water sports in north Goa gives the travellers more adventurous reasons to explore the city.  With safed and verified provisions, almost each and every beach in North Goa gives you the opportunity to experience the venturesome sports. To bring out the adventure junkie inside you, we have a list of main water sports you must try.

Water Sports in North Goa

Enjoying beach nightlife and exploring the streets have been a common thing when it comes to Goa. Why not try thrilling water sports this time. Here’s a brief list of must try water sports in North Goa.


  • Windsurfing

Extremely rip-roaring, Windsurfing is one of the most thrilling activities to try out in Goa. With a blend of surfing and sailing, its ride changes its direction according to the changing direction of wind. It is the most common water sport, so you can easily try out on any of the beaches in north Goa.


  • Kneeboarding

One of the most welcoming types of watersports, Kneeboarding is the first step before you try the thrilling ones. With a blend characteristics of surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding, it is among the easiest water sports to start with. All you need to do is sit on the board at your knees with a little balance and just listen to your instructor.


  • Kayaking

Not in a mood to try hard water sports? They go for the calm yet fun activity, Kayaking. A simple to pick up, it is the perfect water sport if you just want to peacefully paddle in the mangroves and backwaters. Palodem beach is among the best to try out Kayaking, followed by Dona Paula and Hollant Beach.


  • Jet Skiing

Most enjoyable and liked water sports in North Goa. Jet skiing is a custom made activity especially for speed lovers. Riding in the Arabian sea while the breeze hits your face is something which you must try irrespective of your comfort level. Head on to Candolim, Miramar and Baga Beach to experience the best Jet skiing.


  • Banana Tubeboat ride

Want to experience a thrilling ride with your friends or family? Then the Banana Tube Boat ride is for you. The huge Banana shaped boat will take you and your group into the water for the most exciting experience. It is among the easiest water sports with no level of swimming required. 

The list of water sports in north Goa continues with snorkelling, scuba diving, water zorbing, and so on. Head to the land of beaches in between the months of October to May to experience the water sports at its best. 

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While exploring beaches, church and fort is on the list. Don’t forget to add on Water sports with them!

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