Planning your honeymoon in Goa? Do include these in your bucket list!

Planning your honeymoon in Goa

Not only for bachelors, Goa also serves as an ideal vacation spot for couples on their honeymoons.  By the roaring sea, on the sandy brown beach, as you pledge your love for one another, destiny smiles lovingly at your decision of choosing Goa for your honeymoon. Long walks by the beach, exotic sea food, beer nights, late night parties and the sight-seeing- activities in Goa do not change as such. Only now, you do all of those, hand in hand with your better half.

Couples have been swarming to Goa for ages to experience the serenity of the place and also the privacy that it offers to the love-birds. In view of this, luxury resorts in Goa offer special honeymoon packages, round the year. Resorts near Baga Beach are the popular lot which are not only conveniently located near the sea but also provide top notch amenities to the guests in affordable prices. Here are the top places that you can visit in Goa, with your partner on your honeymoon:

  • Beach visits: Honeymoon is all about spending some time with your partner in order to know them better. Beaches after sunset are just right when you wish to have some privacy with your partner. Walk along the sandy bed, hand in hand, reminding each other about the vows and your love for them. You can also visit the beach in day-time, for a fun-filled bath and swim session with your soul mate, followed by sun bathing. Some popular beaches are- Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, etc.
  • Shop for each other: shopping together lets you know about your partner. Their picks tell you a lot about their likes and dislikes. Bond over a quick or elaborate shopping spree in the colourful markets of Goa, which have something for everyone. Pick out a shirt for him or a dress for her and gift yourself with the opportunity of seeing him/her glowing with smile!
  • Visit churches: Goa abounds in churches which date back to ancient times. Visit the churches with your partner and soak in the purity that the holy structures offer. Pray together for each other’s well-being and also your married life and see romance bloom like never before.
  • Party all night: if you and your partner are party animals, jazz up your nights by visiting the most popular clubs in Goa. Enjoy drinking and grooving on the beats as the clock slowly makes its way to the dawn. Do away with all the stress caused by an elaborate wedding and worries about future!
  • Food walk: Goa is all about sea food. If you and your partner see yourselves gobbling yum dishes together, a food walk in Goa is a must. Wander carefree on the roads of Goa, discovering food havens and quirky cafes around the area. Spoil yourself with great food on your honeymoon!

If you are travelling to Goa with your partner, you can book your stay at one of the top luxury hotels in Goa, Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort. This accommodation provides the guests with all top notch amenities at pocket friendly prices.

Top luxury hotels in Goa, Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort

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