What makes Estrela do Mar beach resort so special? Spoiler: Best Resort in Goa

There are moments when everything just clicks into place without any effort. A holiday, when everything comes together nicely. Some call that memory the “Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort experience.” Our luxurious beachside resort has charmed visitors ever since we made Calangute, North Goa, our home for hospitality in 1979.

Let’s explore why people choose Estrela do mar beach resort for their vacations:-

  • It is one of the top-rated private beach resorts in goa.
  • Estrela do mar resort is very conveniently located. Just 150 meters from the
    happening beaches of goa and just a km walk to the famous Bhagha beach of south Goa.
  • Our food and hospitality are the best-rated in all of Goa.
  • Excellent ambience and customer-oriented staff.
  • The rooms are spacious and luxurious.

For those who seek quiet and peace, our retreat is a tranquil haven. Water sports enthusiasts will find it to be a kingdom of adventure. Every moment that passes is filled with excitement! Shopping enthusiasts can be excused for thinking that they have entered Aladdin’s cave as they make enchanted discoveries in the nearby bazaars, sending their hearts racing. For foodies, our restaurants are the best in class.

To sum it up, the resort is a wonderland for kids. It’s impossible to resist the allure of playing in the soft sand before going for a swim and a paddle.

Now it’s your turn to experience Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort’s many charms. The vacation destination is known as the crown jewel of Calangute.

Experience the taste sensation and thrill your palate with our signature dishes.

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