The Simplest Guidance For Booking Resorts In Goa You Could Ever Get

Beach shacks, cocohuts and cocktails, Goa is a place that has something for everyone kept in a magical shell. From night life to sunny beaches, from ancient portuguese feel to wildlife centuries, there is no surprise why this place seems to call travellers over and over again. Each and every resort in Goa, whether near the beach or somewhere in the middle of the city, will give you Indo-European vibes. Among so many beach resorts, it must be a task to choose where to sojourn. We made it easy for you. This guide will help you in booking resorts in Goa in a simplest way. 

Top 3 things that one needs to keep in mind while selecting your place to stay. 

  • Stay amidst the main city: Where South Goa is quiet, calm and peaceful; North Goa is said to be a hub for tourists. From fancy cafes to a number of beach activities, you will find everything in this part of Goa. 
  • Your purpose of Visit:  The reason you want to be there in Goa, is what will help you decide where to stay. You can experience the vibrant culture, food, parties in North Goa, while you can relax luxuriously in South Goa. In between these two, north and south, Panjim would be an ideal place if you are looking for heritage, beaches and relaxation with a pinch of adventure activities like Hot Air balloon and ship ride. 
  • What pocket allows: Goa is an amalgam for every type of place to stay. From cottages to luxury resorts and mid-range beach side hotels. North Goa has a variety, especially Calangute for budget friendly travellers, luxury inclination and mid-priced visitors. 
  • If one is planning a trip to North Goa, Calangute- The queen of beaches, would be an ideal place. The sandy beach is lined with restaurants and bars. Every year it beckons dozens of tourists. It is that town in Goa, where you can enjoy sunbathing at the beaches, nightlife, along with experiencing Goan food and culture. And if you are looking for a beach resort in North Goa, then do book your stay at Estrela Hotels & Resorts. We are one of the best serving leisure with comfort.
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