Top 5 Places to visit in Goa on Vacations

Goa is an amazing place for vacationists where they get to add good memories in their lives. You would find yourself surrounded by a plethora of beautiful destinations at this alluring state. Travelers from around the world like visiting this location making it one of the most famous places in Goa for vacations.

Goa is famous for including a variety of beaches, clubs, waterfalls, markets, etc, that generates excitement among the tourists and encourages them to explore its beauty instead of sitting idle.

Here are the names of the famous places in Goa.

Tito’s Street – This club is situated in a prime location and is well-known among the Goans as well as travelers. People who have fun at the Baga Beach find their way to Tito’s street to continue with the joyful activities. From savoring decent food and drinks to having a blast with the engrossing music played by the DJ, the club is certainly among the most illustrious places in Goa for vacations.

Casino Cruise – You would be glad to know that Goa offers casino cruises where you can win money and go back home with a smile. The casinos are open all day but the main rush stays in the night. The fine dining, mesmerizing furnishings, and superb amenities make it an amazing place to visit. Most of the casino cruises are situated close to Panaji.

Anjuna Flea Market – You would witness hordes of people visiting the Anjuna Flea Market which is famous among the residents of Goa. Generally, the market remains crowded every Wednesday. The local vendors here sell an array of intriguing items including jewelry, clothing, and other accessories. It is among the perfect places to visit in Goa for two days. You can also experience dreadlocks and piercings at this wonderful destination.

Grand Island – In Goa, you won’t find a single person who won’t know about its captivating water activities. Grand Island is among the best places that host several water sports such as snorkeling and fishing. You should not miss experiencing snorkeling on the Island as it attracts a lot of people.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary – If you love to be around the wonderful ambiance of flora and fauna then probing the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely among the finest places in Goa for vacations. It is the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Goa and consists of animal species such as leopard, wild boar, panther, giant squirrel, elephant, etc.

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