Things and Foods to Avoid in Goa

Foods to avoid in Goa

Goa, the state of beaches in India, it’s a place to forget all the worries and dwell into the joys and happening parties of the lush palm beaches. People from all over India, come down to Goa to get away from the hectic schedules of their lives and have a time of their lives. To have a fun in Goa is a great things and everyone should visit Goa once in their lives. But where there is fun, one should not lose its focus on getting into any kind of negative situation. There are precautions which one should always consider while visiting Goa to be always on a safe side. Precautions should always be taken like which and what kind of things not to eat in Goa, things to avoid in Goa etc.

Things to avoid in Goa

When travellers go to a new place, it is always suggested to try the native cuisines and street foods of the place. But while travelling in Goa one should always look out before eating at any street joints, one should look onto internet about it, check its reviews online and from the neighboring areas. Especially while trying Goa’s specialty, its sea food like fishes, oysters, crabs and prawns etc. are the primary foods to avoid in Goa at any unauthorized place. These food items should always be bought from a recognized seller to keep oneself healthy. Along with that one should always keep other cautions like keepings an identity card with oneself, never go on the beaches in night alone, never engage in conversation or friendship with anyone you don’t know and always keep a mobile with oneself to contact friends or family.

We must always remember that an uninterrupted trip will always be a happy and successful one. Also there is a place to stay in Goa offering you your perfect stay in a lavish ambience, The Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort is one property in Goa providing dedicated services and luxurious facilities for all its patrons.

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