5 experiences in Goa that you cannot miss out on!

Goa is not only about drinking and rave parties. Although it’s a bachelor’s paradise, there are many experiences that are very original to Goa. The city’s tourism gets a major boost due to the luxury beach resorts in Goa. With all the top notch facilities in place, these resorts increase the joyous experience of visiting Goa manifold. Out of them, the most popular among the tourists is Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort.

Along with partying around, there are plenty of things to do in Goa and plenty of experiences to cherish. Well, to know in detail about the experiences that Goa has in store for you, read on:

  • Wild in the wild: Not only the extensive beaches, Goa is also a home to a number of wildlife sanctuaries where you can come close to nature. Witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat is a real visual treat. Sanctuaries like Ponds Butterfly conservatory and the Mollem National Park are the best places to explore the Goan wildlife and flora. You could even caress elephants and watch the regal crocodiles very closely at these wildlife conservatories.
  • Time travel: Goa has a rich past. Every nook and cranny of the state has structures and architectures that are heavily inspired by Portuguese, Muslim, British and Hindu culture. The Goan culture is in fact an eclectic amalgamation of rich cultures from around the world which is worth exploring. There are multiple forts, churches and architectural structures which have stood the test of time to narrate the glorious past. If you are an avid traveller, missing out on these is really not worth it. Explore around and go on a time travel.
  • Adventure always: Goa is well known for its water sports. Being terrestrial creatures, humans often miss out on the beautiful marine life that exists deep under the sea and the adventure on water. But not anymore. Keep a dedicated day to experience all the water activities like scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling, banana boat ride, cruising etc. to satisfy your adrenaline. When you are in the beach state, exploring the waters is a must!
  • Food is life: Not only in terms of architecture, Goa is vivid in terms of food as well. The Goan food uses a lot of coconut and it’s products along with exotic spices that trace its origin back to the Portuguese, Muslims and British. Since Goa had been ruled by all of the above, it’s no surprise that the food is heavily influenced by the culinary styles of these cultures. The seafood is especially delectable and unique to the state. A food walk is a must when you visit Goa.
  • Visit the Casinos: Goa is one of the two states where it is legal to indulge in gambling. There are various cruises which have where you can play an engaging hand of poker, rummy or similar card games. You don’t need to be an acute gambler to visit these but trust us, the food and the ambience in these casinos is worth experiencing.

So, you are already tempted to visit Goa all over again, isn’t it? If yes, book your stay with Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort to enhance your trip experience!

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